Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's for Charidee

Dragonfly, by Natalie

Natalie hopes he will turn into a handsome prince...

My department at work did our bit for 'charidee' today, getting down and dirty in a children's home. Various teams were despatched around the grounds to weed paths or build pagodas or paint walls. Not wanting to get rained on (wuss), I had volunteered for painting, and consequently found myself on a mural painting team. I got to paint fishes all day - hey, better than sitting in front of a computer moving emails around! You can see some of my handywork above. Arty, eh? :-)

We had about 100 pizzas delivered at lunchtime to keep our strength up. It was actually quite difficult to carry on after that - bending down to pick up turps or paint with a large, ironlike ball of pizza in your stomach ain't so easy.

Everyone finished their jobs a little ahead of time and, towards the end of the afternoon, we all found ourselves milling around waiting for the tour and the speeches to start. Me and Natalie decided we could forego the pleasure of standing in a hot, crowded room listening to boring people spout on about being worthy - even if it did involve champagne - so we snuck out the door when nobody was looking and drove home!

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