Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crappy Old Day!

I've been in such a lot of pain today. I only slept for four hours last night so have had a thumping, woolly head all day; a vague pain in my knee that I've had for a couple of days has turned into a big, un-ignorable, burning thing; I have the killer back pain from hell (the cause of last night's lack of sleep); and on top of that I have an eye infection that won't clear up. What on earth have I done to deserve so many hurty things all at once? I can't have that much bad karma, surely?!

Had a crappy email this morning as well. We spent a few hours in Tooting yesterday with my friend Abdul, during which he had expressed interest in some tango information, and Charles said he would email it on. He didn't have Abdul's email address, so sent the tango links to me and asked me to forward it.

Reasonable? Yes?

Oh no! Apparently, because Charles had promised the information to Abdul, he should have sent it directly to Abdul and, because he hadn't, but had gone via me instead, he wasn't showing interest or friendship towards Abdul. Eh??!! The fact that Charles doesn't have Abdul's email address is neither here nor there, obviously - and does the fact that Charles had only gone and spent four whole hours chatting to him yesterday mean nothing? On what planet is a four hour conversation not showing interest or making an effort to get to know someone?! Strewth - men!

Anyway, I was feeling a bit low today, due to all that crap, and could have done with a cuddle really. Unfortunately Charles was having a Man Moment - "I vant to be alone" - so I took it out on the housework instead, scrubbing, dusting and laundering away for several hours. Woo, does our flat sparkle now!

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