Monday, March 10, 2008

Human After All

I'm not usually keen on HR people. They are usually so rigidly into their policies that they forget the 'Human' part of their job title.

I have to take that back now, however.

Last week I had taken a week's holiday but had managed to cry throughout the entire week instead of enjoying a break. (Charles had bravely done his manly duty and let me snot all down his chest for a part of each day/night - lucky boy!) When I mentioned this to Boss Number 1 in passing this morning, she said I should actually take the week's holiday as sickness, for stress, provided HR were OK with that. Woo, she certainly wins her Best Boss Badge today!

The thought of talking to HR was a bit scary though. I chickened out and emailed them - only to have an immediate phone call back, saying that we need to have a face to face talk. Poo! But in the end the HR woman was ever so kind. I sniffed and squeaked my way through a conversation with her and she suggested I should do various things, such as call our company's confidential helpline, speak to a financial advisor, get counselling for the fertility treatment that me and Charles are embarking on, and ask my boss to reduce my workload. I should even take afternoons off whenever I feel the need!

In fact, all I really need is for Charles to get a regular income so that I don't have the stress of carrying us solely on my weeny wage, and for a good, regular sleep pattern to be established at our house so that I'm not so stonkingly tired the whole time. But I thought it was really kind of her to suggest all those things.

And, even though it's against company policy to let me take holiday as sickness without a doctor's sicknote, she said in my circumstances she will let it go through. So I like HR today!!

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